About Us

Swamiji exhorted to one and all- “Go from village to village, do good to the humanity and to world at large. Go to help yourself to buy salvation for others. When death is certain it is better to die for a good cause.” Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Taki passionately took up this ideal for the upliftment of the backward class. The Ashrama gave priority to the dissemination of education among the masses in Sagardwip.
The ashrama was established in 1931 and made a branch of the Mission in 1938. A high school with 570 students.

Special advantages in pursuing studies in the School:

  1. A high school with 570 students.
  2. Three upper primary schools (one for boys, another for girls and the third for both) with 463 students.
  3. A students’ home with 86 boys.
  4. A charitable homoeopathic dispensary, which treated 14,504 cases this year.
  5. A small library with 1426 books.
  6. Religious activities: Spiritual classes and observance of the birth anniversaries of spiritual leaders.

Results of the school in the Madhyamik Pariksha conducted by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education for the last five years are stated below.


Students Appeared

1st Division

2nd Division

Star Marks

Highest Marks